The hype is justified
Over the course of this year, the popularity of Twitter has sky-rocketed. In March 2009 a Nielsen.com blog reported that Twitter had an incredible monthly growth of 1,382%. As recently as August 2009, there were a reported 50 million users of Twitter.

An internal leaked document published by Techcrunch reported that Twitter is planning to add a billion users by 2013. To put that into perspective, a billion people today is one sixth the world’s population.
So you need to pay attention when I stress that, for the affiliate marketer, Twitter is absolutely an essential tool.
For those who are already on board, congratulations. In this manual I’m going to expand on the techniques and strategies you can use to fully leverage Twitter. By now you should have a method which monetizes the strength of your following on Twitter. I’m going to explain how you should develop that following so that it continues to grow and complements your other marketing tools to ensure your affiliate income also grows.
If you’re a newcomer to Twitter, or have heard about it (who hasn’t?!) but haven’t quite got round to opening an account, not to worry. I’m going to take you through the basics so you too can reach a level of understanding that the more experienced “Twitterers” possess.  From setting up an account to cashing in on affiliate sales from your following, you’ll have a far superior knowledge of how to exploit Twitter for online income.

Twitter as marketing tool

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