SmartLinks V2.0

With Smart Links V2.0 You Can Easily create “Recommends” Style Affiliate Links Plus Track The Performance Of Each Link With The Link Tracking Software Included With SmartLinks V2.0.

Smart Links

SmartLinks V2.0

SmartLinks V2.0

How Smart Links Come In Handy

Smart links are useful in that they let you pre-insert links in your site.

The links get silenced when no relevant piece of information is found. They then mutate as the site evolves, in order to point to the most worthy piece of information at all time.

Suppose that you’re starting a dog training blog.

During the first week, you add a few posts and add smart links to “dog training tips”. You know you’ll eventually write about this explicitly, so you might as well add the links as you create the posts.

Shortly after, you spend some time adding a bunch of bookmarks in the link manager. One of them is called “Dog Training Tips”. The smart links, which were silenced until now (they were returning the text with no link), now point to the bookmark you’ve just entered.

You update the bookmark (you change it’s url to a better site you’ve just found) the next day, and the site updates without your even worrying about it.

Eventually, you write a post titled “Dog Training Tips” — and add a smart link to “Dog Training Tips” in it. The old posts are now pointing to this post instead, and the smart link in this post is pointing to your bookmark.

A week later, you write a new post called “Dog Training Tips”. The smart links are now all pointing to this new post — because it is more recent than the first one.

At last, you create a section — a static page — called “Dog Training Tips”, with a smart link to “Dog Training Tips” in it. All of the smart links are now pointing to this static page. The only exception is the “Dog Training Tips” smart link on that page, which is pointing to your bookmark.

If, upon revisiting your site a year later, you decide to turn the “Dog Training Tips” section into a subsection of “Dog Training”, smart links will update themselves and point to the static page’s new url.

In other words:

  1. Smart Links seek to return a link to the bookmark with the same name.
  2. When posts with the same title exist, Smart Links will point to the most recent post instead.
  3. When a static page with the same title exists, Smart Links will point to that static page instead.
  4. On the post or static page that is supposed to get linked to, smart links will try to fallback to a bookmark (there’s no point in linking a web page to itself).
  5. When all else fails, Smart Links return the link text with no link.
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